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a magically inspired fashion and lifestyle creator

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with over 88% women on Tiktok and Pinterest
and 72% women on Instagram
that's over 170,000 girlies in my total audience! 

Snugzmeow has been creating content since 2014 starting out with live streaming on Snugz was partnered the same year and moved to Los Angeles not long after to make content full time. 


Her days are spent creating and sharing magically inspired fashion and lifestyle content. These days Snugzmeow primarily creates for Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, and her blog.

Snugz strives to share new and inspiring content everyday with over

200,000 total followers and 7 million monthly viewers.





a little bit about snugz

Tiktok Creator

Creating content for Tiktok since 2019 with over 137,000 followers and 88% female audience.


Creating and sharing video content daily on Instagram to over 21,800 followers. My Reels are accruing over 4 million monthly viewers.  

Twitch Partner

Twitch Partner since 2014 and multi-year Twitchcon panelist. Over 43,000 followers tune into a mixture of IRL and creative streaming.

a Snugz life Blog  

Newly launched magical lifestyle blog with over 2,000 monthly readers. Emphasis on Disneyland, home decorating, and fashion content. 

Pinterest Aficionado 

Over 3 million monthly viewers and 20,000 followers tune into brand new creative, lifestyle, and fashion content shared daily on my Pinterest. 

Videographer & Editor 

I provide both videography and editing services, as well as expertise in producing viral short-form videos

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