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Social by Snugz

I've had a passion for social media and community management since the Myspace days!

Let me share my expertise in social media with you in an approachable way as we scale your business with organic social media driven growth. 

Content Creation

With experience in photography, videography, and editing, I can provide full service content creation for your business. I am equipped with home photo studio, live streaming set up, and natural/studio lighting available for all your content needs. I share content on every platform daily, which allows me to stay on top of algorithm changes and follow content trends. 

Talent Management 

If you're a content creator than you know your time is your most valuable commodity. As your manager, I will take care of all your daily correspondence, negotiate deals on your behalf, review contracts, and engage in brand discovery. Your business will be managed, so you can focus on creating your best content and interacting with your community. 

IMG_3446_jpg (1).jpg

Community Management 

Through my community management services I can manage your the daily engagements on each platform. This includes responding the messages, reviews, comments. This also includes interacting with customers and other brands on behalf the company. I will always be tuned into your social pages with my active management style. 

Interested in working together or learning more? Send me an email below with your inquiry or reach out via DM on any of my social platforms!


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