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welcome to a snugz life!

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Well, this probably should have been the first post on this blog, but when I began this site I was beginning a time of healing, and it honestly felt mentally taxing to try and put my thoughts to words like this. Instead I chose to create. With images, videos, often not appearing in them at all… it was a time of creation in every aspect of my lifestyle.

I made SO MUCH content for my Pinterest and Tiktok pages especially. I also began sharing blog posts with my Disney style and Disneybound outfit ideas here. Along with Disney content I’ve also been sharing ideas for decorating your home during Halloween and the Holidays, definitely my favorite time of the year. None of that will be changing! I just felt it long overdue to properly introduce myself here.

This past March marked my first full year living in my new (manufactured) home in Huntington Beach and it took just about that amount of time to start to feel settled in this new city and a different region of California.

Prior to this move I had lived in Los Angeles (Glendale to be specific) for six years and while I have so many amazing memories from my time there, the last couple of years were extremely difficult and I really needed to move on from that city.

Of course, moving doesn’t ever fix everything that’s going on, but it can sometimes provide a new perspective and place to heal. So, after about eighteen months in this new city, I do really feel a new peace in my life. I’m not sure if I am completely healed from some experiences, but I do feel in a much better place.

With that, I feel able to create content and share it with all you in the ways I have always planned! Y’all can expect much more frequent blog posts, more photo and video content, and launching soon… my store!! I’ll be opening the shop with a very special merchandise collection I’m working on with my brother!

Thank you so much for supporting this blog in its first year while I figured out so many things in my life! I wanted to take a moment to share a bit about me that some of y’all may not know if you haven’t tuned into my live content on Twitch before :)

My name is Meghan! I’m 28 and I’m creating and living in Huntington Beach, California. As you could probably guess from my content posts and the blog’s title, I am a Disney adult heh! But I am also just such a fan in general. Some of my favorite fandoms and major interests apart from Disney include:

  • Mad Men

  • Kpop

  • Dressing in Vintage (especially from the 1950’s-1980’s)

  • Downton Abbey

  • World of Warcraft (I’ve played this game off and on for 14 years)

  • Costume making and cosplay (I stopped for several years due to trauma, so I am just getting back into it!)

  • Antiquing, thrifting, upcycling

  • Baking and candy making

  • Home decorating

  • Attending conventions and large events

  • Charcuterie board design (and consumption of course!)

  • Taylor Swift

Within the Disney fandom, my favorite characters are the princesses and the Disney cats! I grew up enjoying musicals and watching my brother act in many of them, so I absolutely love Disney music as well.

While I feel like I am a casual fan based on the depth of the fandom, I’ve been getting more and more into Star Wars. My favorite of the film is Rogue One.

I admittedly am not a huge Marvel fan hehe. I love seeing the characters in the Avengers Campus, so I will spend some time there during my Disneyland days, but I don’t watch all the movies and shows.

Now that you know a bit more about me, I welcome you to a Snugz life! Please tell me a bit about yourself in the comments if you’d like :)

I’ve also included some of my favorite images I’ve created from my first eighteen months living in Huntington Beach! <3

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