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The Enchanted Bedroom, a Primary Bedroom Design for Disney Adults

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Let’s start this by saying, I’ve lived in TWO subtly Alice in Wonderland themed apartments… I’m a person who loves a maximalism and whimsy in my surroundings! This type of design is certainly not for everyone, but if you identify as a Disney adult, I hope you find yourself inspired.

In February, I moved from my apartment of six years in Los Angeles to my first ever home… well, a manufactured home! I moved to a beach trailer community just blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Orange County.

Since then, I’ve been working daily to transform my new home starting with the primary bedroom.

Here's a little tour of the Enchanted Bedroom, a subtly Disney themed bedroom designed for Disney adults!

I wanted princess vibes and elegance without it feeling like a room for a child or something you'd stay in themed suite motel. For every highly themed piece of Disney décor, I try and balance it with an antique or solid colored item that matches the color scheme.

This room also doubles as my workspace, so I strived to keep the concept light and energizing since I can be working in here all day sometimes.

There are Disney characters layered throughout the design. If you spend a moment looking through the gallery at the end, you will definitely spot all my favorites!

The most prominent art feature in the room's design is the Disney gallery art wall. If you look closely you can see it’s not all Disney art, with many prints and keepsakes from other fandoms I hold dear featured.

Most of the vintage frames have been thrifted from my years in NYC and Los Angeles. I am so pleased to get to use them all together like this.

A way to add some magic to your bedroom can be the addition of unique lighting. This clamshell and pearl light are a nod to life by the beach and the Disney mermaids I love!

Above the headboard there are two strings of vintage Disney postcards featuring concept and cinematic art from the studio’s earliest films. An important feature of this art is that it is earthquake safe! Living in California, I’ve learned you never want to put heavy art above your headboard due to quakes.

I also have several Disney bedding options, like the pink knit Mickey blanket below.

Or this set up with Marie!

Another feature of the Enchanted Bedroom’s design is my above-the-doorway Loungefly shelf. It only fits part of my collection, but it’s a great way to display some of my favorite Loungeflys or seasonal bags.

I have two bookshelves filled with some books of course, heh. Mostly they house my Disney collectibles, ear collection, and vintage sweaters.

I included a gallery with some more details from the design! Stay tuned for a tour of my whimsical Wonderland mermaid bathroom next, yes there’s a lot going on in there.

If you have any questions about the design, please leave a comment below!

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Where did you find your Peter Pan mermaid figurine?! I love her so much! And the whole bedroom!!

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