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24 Disney Shirts You Need For Your Next Disneyland Trip

Planning your perfect outfit for a Disneyland day is a challenge between balancing comfort and style. One of the best ways to show your Disney spirit and ensure you'll feel cool and comfortable outdoors all day is wearing a Disney t-shirt.

I've shared 24 of my favorite Disney t-shirts and where I bought them! I usually opt to shop in stores, so you'll find some of these retailers do not actually sell merchandise online. However, many of these stores are national chains, so I hope you can find a location nearby you to do some Disney shopping.

Additionally, with each shirt I've also shared an outfit idea or two.

Let me know in the comments which shirt is your favorite!

1. Buzz Lightyear, Five Below

2. Cinderella and Her Helpers, Cakeworthy

3. Star War Retro Logo, Five Below

4. Lilac Millennium Falcon, Five Below

5. Sunflower Mickey Oversized Tee, H&M

6. Light Blue Disney Logo, Target

7. Fab Four Street Crossing, Zara

8. Happy as a Rainbow Tokyo Disney Tee, Tokyo Disney Resort

9. Stripped Peaking Pooh Bear, Primark USA

10. Rapunzel Inspired Tie-Dye, Box Lunch

11. Hakuna Matata Gang, Five Below

12. The Lion King Crop with Characters, Macy’s

13. Prince Eric is Missing, Zara

14. Colorful BB-8, Five Below

15. Helpful Pooh, Primark USA

16. 70’s Star Wars Trio, Five Below

17. Lions in Love T-Shirt Dress, Cakeworthy

18. Queen of Quarantine, Bounding in Style (Etsy Shop)

19. Mermaid Lagoon, The Lost Bros (Purchased at Unique Vintage, it doesn’t normally have black spots, a printer ink cartridge exploded on me while I was wearing this 😂)

20. Sassy Marie, Kohl’s

21. Chillin' Minnie, Kohl's

22. Oliver & Company, Hot Topic

23. Tropical Stitch, Primark USA

24. Fly with Dumbo, Primark USA


Disneyland's new Magic Key Holder program launches tomorrow (8/25) and I plan to join right away. Stay tuned for Disney style and Disneybound content from the parks very very soon!

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