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My 2021 Halloween Home Tour

Halloween has always been my absolute favorite holiday. Candy, costumes, staying up late, and perhaps a little mischief... I just love absolutely everything about spooky season.

To add to the Halloween time fun, my birthday is on October 15th, and it's always felt like a midway point celebration leading up to the big night!

I always aspired to have a home full of Halloween decor, but living in apartments and dorms for the past decade, it's been hard to simply store so many decorations with all my cosplays and other hobbyist gear.

This March, I moved into my first little home and I have been so looking forward to the opportunity to decorate for the holidays for the first time... and the prospect of actually having trick-or-treaters! Although, I haven't quite hammered out my outside design yet, so stay tuned for that.

For now, I hope you enjoy this photo tour of the Halloween vibes I've been creating in my living room and kitchen area.

The concept I've been thinking on while shopping and decorating for Halloween is, happy haunts! I have been forever obsessed with cute little ghost decor during Halloween time. I just love seeing happy little ghosties all over my house. The combination of something traditionally scary like ghost with cute emoji like faces just delights me.

Along with using cute and spooky little ghosts in my decorating, I've always had an interest in the paranormal. I actually work for a ghost tour company, so I think it's fitting for my Halloween concept to be centered on cute boos.

If you like the Halloween Time design of my living area, make sure to subscribe and look out for my bedroom design post + my ideas for outdoor decorating, once I have an idea heh!

1. Cozy Ghosty Couch

2. Ghost Party Table Runner

3. Vintage Pumpkin Plaster Bowl for remotes and coasters

4. Handmade Ghost Plush

5. Pumpkins in every cabinet

6. Navy Blue Boo Pillow Covers

7. Pumpkin Spice Cat

8. The entry table has become a pumpkin patch

9. Creepy Pumpkin candy or candle holder

10. Spider Web entry way bowl

11. LED Foam Pumpkin Light

12. Halloween Candy and Mini Treat Buckets ready to fill

13. Creepy Cute Halloween Friends

14. Every window is trimmed with Halloween decor

15. Pumpkin Succulent

16. Let's Bake with the Boos

17. My Halloween Kitchen Table

18. Even the Fridge gets a Halloween make-over

19. Nice Little Skelly Boy

20. Happy Haunting

21. All the fixings to bake a Halloween treat at the ready

22. Everyone needs a few Glitter Pumpkins

23. Welcome Foolish Mortals... this is where we air fry

24. Ghostly Summoning Circle around my Peperomia

25. It's not a Halloween home without some cob webs

26. Every cabinet it topped with Halloween decor

27. Plants grow better in pumpkins

28. Dark Magic Fairy Lights


Make sure to subscribe and stay tuned for my bedroom Halloween photo tour and my outdoor decorating ideas, coming soon!

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