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Surprise Candle Videos with ASMR

Updated: Nov 12

If y'all follow my IG / Tiktok, you've probably seen my viral surprise candle videos!

Surprise candles are candles that contain a hidden surprise inside that gets revealed as you use the candle.

I've received so many comments that people love relaxing and watching these videos all at once, so here I'll be sharing my surprise candle series with the much loved & satisfying asmr sounds only!

Also, something important to note about the Charmed Aroma candles is that they are only sold in a limited amount of countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and the EU.

Additionally, not every Charmed Aroma style is sold in every country! I will be linking what it available on the USA store here because that's where I live 🫶

I'll also provide links to any of the products that are available and affiliate discount codes if I have them to share! (Shopping with affiliate codes supports me as a creator, thank you so much!)

Charmed Aroma

Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore Holiday Candle

(Shop US site here!)

Stitch & Angel Holiday Candle

(Shop US site here!)

The Grinch Mug Candle

(Shop US site here!)

Disney Princess Surprise Candle Advent Calendar

(Shop US site here!)

Day 1~ Aurora

Day 2~ Ariel

Day 3~ Tiana

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