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What to Expect at the OC Fair in 2021

After a year hiatus, the Orange County Fair is back! Here’s what you can expect if you attend the fair this season.

1. You have to buy tickets ahead of time!

Some weekend days are already sold out, so make sure to check the fair's ticket availability calendar before making your plans.

2. Unvaccinated guests must wear masks!

We’re vaccinated, but we wore them for all the inside exhibits… better to be safe right now with all the variants!

3. Rides are pricey!

Each ride cost 8-30 tickets from what I saw walking about, with tickets costing $2 per ticket for the lowest amount available. The cost per ride definitely adds up quick. It was $20 for the two of us to ride two rides!

4. The food was also pricey!

I’m trying a gluten free diet right now, so I opted to eat mostly before, but the snow cone I got was $7. From walking around observing the food prices, the snow cone was definitely one of the lower priced desserts/drinks!

5. It was clean!

The trash was not overflowing and the bathrooms were not overcrowded. There were plenty of places to wash your hands around the animal exhibits, which is also helpful for pandemic times!

Make sure to check out the fair’s official website for other changes to this year’s event due to COVID!

Here's some more pics from the evening!

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